We have a variety of membership options, ranging from:   1 month   |   3 months   |   6 months   |   12 months

The special introductory rate for the gym membership is the following:

1 What age do I have to be to join?
13 years old.
2 What are the type of memberships?
1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year
3 Is there a joining fee or registration fee?
No. There are no joining, registration, cancellation or any other hidden fees. You only pay for your membership and personal training package.
4 Why should I use a personal trainer?
- To ensure your workouts will give you the most optimum results to reach your fitness goals; whether it is to help you bulk up and build muscles, tone up or slim down.
- To ensure you are using the right techniques to prevent injury.
5 Is there a men's sauna and steam room?
6 Personal training is great for beginners. Is personal training also fit for advanced levels of fitness?
Definitely. A personal trainer can bring new techniques into your work and keep you continuously challenged and help push your fitness levels to newer heights.

Oxygen Gym

Kingdom of Bahrain
Phone: +973 17 616165
Email : info@oxygengym.com

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